Being in the Moment v. Being on Purpose

Even though Eastern approaches are becoming more and more mainstream and are being accepted by us as a healthy way of living, we don’t really buy into it fully. Not really. And, from a coaching perspective, even though “being in the moment” is regarded as very important, coaching, as a discipline, is very much results- and future-oriented.  In fact, both “being in the moment” and “being on purpose” are core coaching attitudes. How do we reconcile them and find balance? Can someone be truly in the moment while constantly structuring and strategizing over their future?

From a philosophical point of view towards life and living, “being in the moment” is a meditative, Zen attitude of accepting, receiving, being still in the moment and appreciating it fully. Nothing to move towards, nothing to do, the moment is perfect in itself and on its own. Don’t we take ourselves “out of it” when we dream about the future? When we strategize? When we think where we’d like to be instead of where we are right now?

In our culture, we don’t allow ourselves to just be happy and content without a specific reason. Why do we need a reason to be happy? Why not be happy “just because”? Why is it that we ask our children, “Who do you want to be when you grow up?” Why not let them to “just be” and enjoy the moment? What are your thoughts?