Passionate Detachment as Core Coaching Competency

Ask any new coach why she decided to pursue coaching and she will likely say that she is passionate about coaching. “I just care about my clients so much! Coaching is my passion.” The irony is that unchecked passion can only get in the way of being present as a coach. Passion can make you care too much about your client. In your desire to build intimacy with the client, you could infringe on the space they need to find their own insights. It is interesting to me that while building intimacy is listed as a competency, learning to practice detachment is not. Detachment is not indifference. It is recognizing that you are just a guide on your client’s journey, but it is their journey. So even in your passionate desire to help them, you need to distance yourself. You need to allow them to find their own way whether they crawl, walk, run or build a spaceship to get to their destination. What do you think? Do you agree that to be an effective coach, detachment is just as important as passion?

Guest Blog by Kay Fudala, Consultant and Creative Coach at www.kayfudala.comcurrently enrolled with Goal Imagery Institute Holistic Life and Career Coach Training.