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Season’s Greetings: Giving While Receiving

2015 Lead Holiday Family PhotoImage
One of the best ways to celebrate the holidays is by giving back. I teach that you can do it while also receiving. It’s always great to hear about one of my students successfully putting that learning into practice.

Following my suggestion, Preeta Banerjee, a recent graduate of our Holistic Life, Career & Executive ACTP Coach Preeta_Banerjee_PhotoTraining, found a cause and a non-profit organization she believes in — The Hope Foundation — which works with schools to create successful learning communities. In exchange for having Preeta’s services promoted by another organization, she will donate 50% of her coaching fees to the Foundation to help rescue and educate girls in India* (here’s the link to find out more about Preeta: http://mytreeoflife.com/meet-preeta.html?

Congratulations to Preeta for following through on the kind of practical advice you’ll get when you enroll in our trainings.

If you’re interested in becoming a coach, honing your existing coaching skills and getting clients — inquire for more information about our training programs.

Happy holidays and best wishes for the New Year!

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Coaching Niches: Leadership Coaching versus Life Coaching

The coaching industry offers many niches. We have life coaching, relationship coaching, communication coaching, leadership coaching, executive coaching, and many more.  On the surface it may seem that all these categories offer more clarity for people who are looking for specific results. However, they also create artificial ‘separators’ in our understanding of what coaching actually does.

I believe that coaching serves the whole person and not just a fragmented part of a person — and that all types of coaching include a very personal and intimate conversation about values, ideals, and being authentic. We also talk about relationships and how we communicate with one another, so that we can relate our values and ideals in an authentic way, which many times calls for improving communication skills.

Whether I work with entrepreneurs, business owners, middle managers, or senior executives, after trust is established in our professional relationship, they tend to share other aspects of their lives outside of their careers.

The coaching goal is not to dissect and look at only one narrow aspect. For instance,  leadership coaching overlaps with life coaching a great deal. Every person must learn to be a leader in his/her own life — and every leader must lead from the perspective of his/her own sense of authentic values.

We can’t be blind to ways in which all the elements come together in our lives. Coaching is meant to broaden one’s thinking, deepen one’s feelings, and connect the dots in one’s whole life to make sense and bring joy.