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The Coaching Core Competency of Creating Awareness: Competency or Outcome?

The more I teach and experience coaching, the more I’m convinced that awareness is created by implementing all other competencies, such as establishing the coaching agreement, deep listening, powerful questions and direct communication. What are your thoughts?


Establishing the Coaching Agreement: The Misunderstood Competency

ICF’s explanation of this competency is the “Ability to understand what is required in the specific coaching interaction and to come to agreement with the prospective and new client about the coaching process and relationship.” Many coaches take this to mean that it’s all about the coaching contract and all the logistics around the coaching relationship. However, as ICF assessors, we are instructed to apply this competency to determine how coach creates an agreement with a client about the topic and the results that are expected from each given coaching session. It’s one of the most important and yet one of the most misunderstood competencies. And, for a masterful coaching (MCC), establishing “what is required in the specific coaching interaction” needs to be thoroughly explored before moving on to the rest of the session. In my personal experience, exploring what my client really wants often resolves the very issue at hand. What is your understanding and experience with this competency?

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