Fringe Benefits of Coaching and Learning to Coach

Thinking about becoming a Coach?

It’s hard work, but there are a number of great “fringe” benefits to going through the program. Here are a few of my favorites:

#1 Collaborating with other like-minded people.
Not only do we share ideas, but we support each other, and as you learn a new skill, that support makes a huge difference.

#2 Coaching is a little like therapy but it can be therapeutic.
It’s not the same as therapy nor it should be, but you do talk out your problems with a supportive listener. And, really, doesn’t everyone need that sometimes?

#3 Our class is part of a much larger network of students and professional coaches.
These are vital connections as we move forward…Need advice? Ideas? Support? Coaching? Just click!

#4 Learning to coach is like having a detailed framework on how to connect with and engage with other people respectfully.
Attentive listening, being in the moment, and asking permission before sharing unsolicited advice…priceless!

As I mentioned at the beginning, these are fringe benefits, and don’t even take into account the main idea…receiving training may very well start you off on a new career path that you love.  Enough said!


Submitted by guest blogger, Santina Devine, who is currently enrolled in the 6-month Holistic Life and Career Coach Training Course at Goal Imagery Institute.