Is it ok to interrupt your client with a supportive comment or acknowledgment?

Yes, I am talking about a “good” coach who is making sounds “uh-huh” and says “right, right” over her client, interrupting with “That sounds so great!!” or “WOW! Congratulations!” The funny thing is, it’s not a conscious choice on behalf of a coach.  Coach is anxious to show “support” and “acknowledge” her/his client. The problem is, it backfires and focuses the energy on the coach instead of the client.Even positive feedback stops the flow of client’s thinking. As a Coach Mentor and ICF Credentialing Assessor, I hear this behavior a lot lately.  It’s interesting to me that clients usually accept it as a part of their coaching conversation. Well, they just don’t know the difference and usually don’t judge their coach. However, whether a client is aware of it or not, it stifles the session flow and client’s progress. It becomes a clear case of “unintended consequence”.